Early In-Depth Look At Upcoming Sept. 2017 Banlist

Hi there guys and gals, it’s that time of the year again where speculation runs rampant and wild predictions are placed about which cards will be banned from play in a children’s card game. Naturally I, like everyone else in the community will place my two cents in the subject. In this article I will discuss which cards should be put on and taken off the banlist. So without further ado..

Cards that should be semi-limited (go from 3 to 2)



Hear me out I know what you are saying, “what? why hit that, Dinos aren’t hurting anyone..” Well the goal of my banlist is to rebalance the game, meaning that once they hit the best deck in the game (Zoo) other decks will be significantly more viable so other decks like draco and Dinos must be touched. No deck is safe. This card should go to 2 since I believe this will balance it out a bit, since only two copies are available you can’t make misplays and get away with it. I also think that this card is a slightly bigger problem than Oviraptor. Since Dinos are not a huge problem yet I don’t believe this card should be at 1 or banned until they do become more of a threat like in the OCG.

Card of Demise

card of demise

  • Free advantage
  • Can be a plus 2 in some situations
  • Weakness lies in the fact the a deck must be built around it so putting it to two makes it less effective as a strategy.



  • Way too many good field spells in the game currently, this slightly hits their consistency.


Cards that should be limited ( go from 3,2 to 1)

All Zoodiac cards.


Just kidding..

Seriously here is what should be limited

Zoodiac Barrage

zoodiac barrage

  • Combo extender and starter for by far the best deck in the game
  • Free advantage
  • Triggers destruction effects
  • Triggers off of destruction
  • Best card in the game

Zoodiac Drident

zoodiac drident

  • Free disruption
  • One of the most oppressive cards in the game at the moment.

Zoodiac Ratpier


  • Free advantage
  • At one it becomes essentially just a name so balancing the card out.

Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow


  • Breaks the link mechanic at the moment

Fairy Tail – Snow


  • OP in graveyard strategies
  • Grass hit did nothing to stop this

Psy – Framelord Omega


  • Ignores Link mechanic
  • Rips opponent hand apart
  • Generally unfair if you have to go against 2-3 copies

Cards that should be banned (3,2,1 to 0)

Zoodiac Broadbull


  • Best monster in Zoo  .
  • Free advantage
  • Most consistent Stratos the game has ever seen
  • Gets them whiptail
  • Cant be at 1 because he can be recycled over and over

Gem-Knight Seraphinite


  • Splashable
  • 2 normal summons is busted
  • Enables insane combos
  • Makes brilliant fusion a super foolish burial that’s at 3 essentially
  • Brilliant fusion engine has to go, banning this allows gem-knight players to still have brilliant fusion

Dragonic Diagram


  • Must be banned, enables way too many insane combos and makes True Draco insanely splashable
  • Banning it hits two birds with one stone effectively weakening true draco and dinos while allowing both to still be very good decks still just not overpowered
  • Best field spell ever made
  • Being at one doesn’t matter you can get away with using one just like Zoo could with one broadbull

Level Eater


  • Should be banned already
  • Makes linkuriboh really insane

Maxx “C”


  • This needs to be either at 3 or banned there is no other option
  • Isn’t as unfair as everyone says but has become extremely sacky

Cards that should come back

  • Apoqliphort Towers would be fine at 1, It’s an older version of Master Peace
  • Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End. Erratad, no harm in putting it to one
  • Djinn releaser of rituals. Vandreads are a thing plus rituals need some help.
  • Shurit can go back to 1 Nekroz have him in OCG and still suck
  • El Shaddoll Construct because free my ninja construct
  • Exciton knight because Links make (non link) extra deck spam impossible so one exciton is no big deal
  • Harpie’s feather duster because why not we already have so much back row hate whats one more card?
  • Super Polymerization to 1 because its a fun gimmicky card that is still insanely powerful but wont be as effective with links
  • Artifact moralltech to 3 because its an artifact, no one cares
  • Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the beginning to 3 because like OCG it wont do anything plus that artwork is banging
  • Book of Moon to 3 because its a really good card and it doesn’t even affect links
  • Charge of the light brigade because come on.. This just screams unban me
  • They can also move all the cards on the semi-limited list to completely unlimited except slumber and ratpier.



Everything I’ve said in this article has been my firm opinion, if you disagree definitely leave a comment and tell me your thoughts.